It’s time time to come back to the Barclays FAWSL for a new interview with Lisa Weiss, goalkeeper of Aston Villa team.

In this interview Lisa talks us about the match against Everton, her first saason in WSL and anymore.

On Sunday Aston Villa is going to play against Everton away. What kind of team is Everton and how is Villa preparing for this match?

We gonna face a team on Sunday which will have a lot of confidence after their 5-0 won against Brighton. Everton has a lot of individual class and is technical very good on the ball. We gonna try to stop their strength and wanna keep a clean sheet and then we see what it possible.

It’s your first season in the Barclays FA Women’s Super League. How difficult is it to play in this league?

The WSL overall has a very good quality. Everything is possible in this league and we still trying to find our spot in this league.

Which player amazed you in these months played in England?

There is not one specific player it is more the general quality in the league.

In the past you played with Duisburg, Essen and OL, and you won important trophies in France. How did these experiences form you as an athlete and as a woman? And how as a player did it feel to win the most important European trophy?

I think every player has the dream to play in the champions league. Also in Essen we talked about this even though we were far away from the CL places. But when I moved to Lyon this goal became reality and to win this trophy is still something very special.

Lisa Weiss, a German goalkeeper for idol

Who are (or were) your idols in female and male football?

When I was a kid Oliver Kahn was my idol. He was outstanding and little bit different than all the other goalkeepers. I always looked up to him and try to bring this in my own goalkeeping.

What are the most curious questions people have asked you about female football?

A question which always comes up is how much we earn as female footballer players and why it is not the same as the men.

Social networks are great tools for advertising female football. How much do you use? And what is your favourite?

I normally use Instagram to let people know how my life is as a professional footballer. Since I’m in the UK I use Twitter occasionally. 🙂

Who is Lisa Weiss? How can you define yourself and how people define you?

Ambitious, determined, direct, curious about new things and caring. 🙂